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Exploring the elegance of street food, Dhruv's Kati Shack Factory (DKSF) transcends the Kati Roll into a deliverance of flavor and experience for each customer. The Kati Roll uses a wide array of exotic spices and blends which plays in perfect harmony with the savory meat or vegetable inside it. This typical street food has kept peasants to maharajas nourished and satiated since the 1930s, not to mention today's corporate bigwigs and students. Dhruv's Kati Shack Factory emphasizes taste without compromising affordability, and after all these years, we proudly continue this tradition. It's all about the experience, which means the ambience and warm welcome is as important as the food itself. We pride ourselves on these values by delivering traditional street food that's aligned with today's gastronomical expectations.

Yes, we are located in Queens, NY and proud of it. A few blocks away from St. John's University, our store delivers the need for a place where all people alike can decompress while enjoying some mouthwatering food and good company. We are old school and believe the food and service speaks for itself, so our customers can expect the very best without any shortcuts. Remember, here at Dhruv's Kati Shack Factory, it's personal which means we serve food bursting with delectable flavor, but make amazing friends along the way.

That's How We Roll at Dhruv's!


From a long legacy & history of street food, the "KATI ROLL" originated in Kolkata, India. As one of the most popular street foods in Kolkata in the 1930's, meats and/or vegetables from skewers filled finely kneaded flatbread to make, what we know today, as the KATI ROLL.

The KATI ROLL became popular to British royalty as well as locals alike, and each person experienced the unique taste of meats and/or vegetables rolled in a layered flatbread bursting with flavor.

At this point, there was no separation of titles or riches. Rather, the KATI ROLL bridged an entire state together and brought forth the gastronomy of street food by becoming the staple of fast food.

The KATI ROLL, when loosely translated, means meat from a stick rolled in a flatbread, continues its tradition at:

"Dhruv's Kati Shack Factory"

Find Us

Phone Number: (718) 380-0017

Address: 180-10 Union Turnpike, Fresh Meadows, NY 11366

E-Mail Address: info@katishack.com

Hours of operation:
Mon - Closed
Tue-Thu 5pm - 12am
Fri-Sun 12pm - 12am

Delivery Hrs:
Mon - Closed
Tue-Thu 5pm - 12am
Fri-Sun 12pm - 12am

We deliver in a 3 mile radius.

Deliveries can be made outside our current areas in queens, (depending on quantity of the order). Please call us for more information.